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A Derivatives Liquidity Token

Sanzooz Finance is a new financial platform enabling the creation of unique derivatives and exposure to real-world assets on the blockchain.

Sanzooz Hero
Sanzooz Hero

Perpetual Futures without Centralisation

Best Prices
Best Prices
By leveraging the Sanzooz Finance debt pool and our innovative liquidity framework, our traders can be assured of receiving some of the bestprices available, with little to no slippage and fills unavailable elsewhere.
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Permissionless and Customisable
Permissionless and Customisable
Take advantage of all the benefits of DeFi with a fully permissionless on-chain futures trading experience. Are you interested in constructinga structure using leveraged perpetual futures contracts? Learn how to incorporate Synthetix's perpetual futures technology into your project.
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Low Liquidation Risk
Low Liquidation Risk
Bid farewell to downtime during periods of extreme volatility. Additionally, our futures contracts eliminate the possibility of cascadingliquidations as a result of forced selloffs.
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Why Sanzooz Finance Why

Sanzooz Artificial Assets

With zero slippage, capture the price movements of popular cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, stocks, and commodities.

Sanzooz’s artificial assets are created through community voting. They can take the form of fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, or anything else with a price.

Sanzooz Artificial Assets

Stake and Profit

Staking SNFT provides collateral for the debt pool and earns weekly rewards that are a combination of protocol fees and inflationary supply.

Stake and Profit

Trade Assets and Profit

Trade any artificial instrument with little to no slippage and extensive liquidity in every asset class. Available for trading on both the spot and futures markets.

Trade Assets and Profit


We welcome creators to leverage the protocol and bootstrap your community via Sanzooz Finance due to its increased customisation.


Powered by SANZOOZ Finance

Discover the platforms that are built on top of the Sanzooz Finance Platform. Sanzooz Finance is the underlying technology for decentralised perpetual futures, options, and deal coordination markets, among others.

Sansooz Finance

SANZOOZ Finance Roadmap

Phase I
  • Whitepaper Release
  • Sanzooz Token Presale
  • Smart Contract Audit
Phase II
  • Launch ERC-20 SZFT
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Launch Sanzooz Genesis
Phase III
  • Launch Sanzooz Exchange
  • SZFT Staking
  • SZFT Bonds
Phase IV
  • Derivitives Launch
  • Stablecoins Launch
  • Community Governance
Faq Background

Everything Designed & Built for our Community

As a community project, Sanzooz Finance aims to create the healthiest and most cheerful community within the crypto ecosystem.

  • Encouraging Diversity
  • Transparent Communication
  • Internal Doxxing
  • Intensity & Diversity
  • Correspondence
  • Straightforwardness

Sanzooz Exchange

Why Trade Artificial Assets?

Artificial assets enable investors to gain exposure to an asset without actually owning it. This has a number of advantages, including lowering the friction associated with switching between assets (e.g., from artificial Apple shares to artificial gold), increasing the accessibility of certain assets, and providing resistance to censorship.

Why Trade Artificial Assets?

How Artificial Assets Work

Artificial assets will track the underlying asset's price. They will enable holders to gain exposure to a variety of asset classes on Ethereum without owning the underlying assets or relying on a custodian. Artificial will be backed by the Sanzooz Finance Token (SNFT), which will be staked at a 750 percent leverage ratio.

How Artificial Assets Work

Advantages of Sanzooz Exchange

Trading on Sanzooz Exchange will have numerous benefits over centralized exchanges and order book-based decentralized exchanges. Due to the absence of an order book, all trades will be executed against the contract directly, a process referred to as P2C (peer-to-contract) trading. Through price feeds supplied by an oracle, assets will be assigned an exchange rate and converted using the Sanzooz Exchange dApp. This results in infinite liquidity up to the value of the system's collateral, zero slippage, and permissionless on-chain trading.

Advantages of Sanzooz Exchange

Token Details

Token Ticker

SZFT (Erc-20)


May 17, 2022 - September 19, 2022

Launch Date

September 19, 2022

SZFT To Sell


Total Supply


Initial Price

1 SZFT = 0.000013 USD

Currencies Accepted


Token Distribution

444,000,000,000 SZFT asset total supply (fixed). To establish transparency and accountability in the way assets are released, please find our XMU wallet address below (coming soon)

Public Sale
Private Sale
Yield Farming

Pre-Sale Phases

Only 133,200,000,000 SZFT will be issued during pre-sale stage


May 17, 2022 - 28 June, 2022

2% Bonus


June 28 - August 9

3% Bonus


August 9 - September 19

5% Bonus

Faq Background
Faq Background

Frequently Asked Questions

We currently support Ethereum.

We currently support the ERC20 token standard.

The project began in March 2022, and the team has been working hard to revolutionise the DeFi landscape by providing unprecedented trading, staking and Liquidity opportunities.

Join our engaging and ever-growing Sanzooz Finance community by joining us on Telegram, Twitter, or Discord.

For more information, please consult the Whitepaper.